September 17th, 2009

purple paper

how about a happy post?

my meltdown over newcat has passed.

yesterday was full of hopeful signs. turns out he just likes jack, and flipped out when tech tried to come into the bathroom. so jack is allowed in, tech isn't allowed near the bathroom (as if that stops him). when doc got home he force fed newcat some wet cat food. he's determined that the cat will eat. he also gave the cat some nutrient paste, making me feel better about the people food thing.

i found him in the tub this morning. just sitting there, looking at me. so i pet him and tried to get him to purr. no purr, but i got a head rub from him.

i'm feeling better. almost chipper. my back hurt bad when i got up, but that has faded. my only pain is my stupid ankle, which is healing very slowly. it doesn't actually hurt most of the time, unless i turn on it or bend it wrong. i have a brace on it, so it's protected.

our old phone won't hold a charge anymore so we got a new one and i'm struggling to understand the instructions. part of it is the small print. another is just me being thick and resistant to new technology. M pointed this out the other night.

i'm trying to decide what to have for breakfast. i've learned on my own that if i have a good sized breakfast, i feel better all day. yesterday it was corned beef hash, which i could actually eat every day. today i think it will be eggs and a sourdough english muffin. iv'e been craving fried eggs and i have the english muffins, which i have been ignoring for no good reason. except the bagels. i've been eating the bagels. it's also time to make coffee. we have a new coffee recipe: one scoop hazelnut, the rest of the scoops of arabica and cinnamon mixed in. the cinnamon with the hazelnut is divine.

time to make coffee and breakfast and get this day started. i have batteries to charge to take pictures today. i need to get more stuff on etsy. if for no other reason, than to show off what i've been making. and maybe make some more stuff. i have some ideas for goddess dolls, and found some tshirt fabric to make them with.

have a great day!
no and where


a month or two ago someone used my twitter account to post a spam message. it must have been reported immediately because my account has been suspended ever since. i just sent off an email to twitter about maybe unsuspending it so i can use it again. i had barely gotten into twitter when this happened, i hadn't even figured out how to post tweets to lj. i hadn't even figured out how twitter worked, aside from making posts. so i'm missing this technological wonder in my life.

on the gorgeous side of things, breakfast was a dream. two over easy eggs, and a sourdough english muffin toasted, buttered and topped with paper thin slices of red onion and slices of cheddar cheese. that's going to be a staple in my diet. i love red onion. i wonder if M will mind if i put them in the mac and cheese i plan to make later this week, maybe tonight.

i also have ground beef to make meatballs and spaghetti. though M is sicilian, so he's got a high standard for pasta. if he's hungry, he'll eat it. i can use the rest of my flat garlic infused bread to make garlic cheese bread to go with it. i'll enjoy it. home made meatballs. i need to check the cupboards for bread crumbs, i'm fairly sure we have them, though i have bread ends and can always make them with my stick blender. then i can season them myself. i like that idea better.

i could condense all this shit and twitter it if i could twitter. i could get another account, but i'm pretty much married to my "cydniey" user name. as one could well understand.

today i plan to tackle my dresser, which has only been used in theory since i stuffed it full of thin clothes. clothes i may get to wear again, since i've started losing weight since i started eating again. i've been eating healthier. which reminds me, i have loads of lentils, i should make a red lentil curry. maybe this weekend. i also have salmon in the freezer and a big bunch of chicken thighs and legs i plan to fry.

so much stuff, now that i've completely woken up. argh. another klonopin to stop my head spinning off my body.
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