September 15th, 2009

hot cheese

new cat news

new cat's name is Lynyrd. M named him. he had the generic name of Kitty, which we couldn't stand. though i still use it to make the wee beastie feel comfortable.

our bathroom is his home right now. he sleeps in the cupboard and on the floor towel in front of the bathtub. yesterday i got him to eat some pork. i'm not a fan of people food for cats, but the previous owner said he liked people food and it turns out it was the only thing he would eat. he has fresh water, which he has started drinking, and a plate of pork and wet food and dry food. he doesn't seem to have eaten any more than what i hand fed him yesterday. this morning he perked up when i came into the bathroom, but didn't move from his sleeping place. he sleeps all day, except when i go in to play with him and talk to him. he really is the sweetest cat.

the other cats spend their time in the hallway, waiting for him to come out, and occasionally sniffing under the door, but lynyrd doesn't show any interest in sniffing back. not yet.

i've resigned myself that this is going to take a while, longer than i've ever had to do it with another cat. his eating finally gave me hope. today we'll get him a litter box. until now he's had the tub to relieve himself in, which is where he went when he was in M's bathroom. he has chosen not to use it, so i'll make M stop for a litter box or aluminum roasting pan on the way home from my doctor's appointment today. then he'll be all set up.

hopefully he'll eat more today, and as long as he keeps drinking, i'll worry less. if i have to, i'll find more people food for him. maybe some scrambled eggs with no seasoning. i'll think of something.
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