August 25th, 2009


of wrestling and aliens

last night i went to a live taping
of RAW (WWE wrestling)
with M it was great fun
there were so many people
i mean, SO MANY goddamn people

then we went to a burrito place
on the way home and that was
really fucking good
the mexican food out here is
i had a bean and cheese
the beans were whole
not all mashed up
great, better than my other
favorite burrito place
tacos and burritos yum
but there's the guacamole
over chips that i really love
at the other place
too much good food
right now i'm waiting for the
maintenance guy to come
and at some point they're
replacing the carpet
in M's closet

our inside a/c unit has been leaking
and we had no idea. we keep luggage
and vacuum cleaners in there
and, as i learned, some of my stuff
which was ruined
that's all the places we've lived
i have lost stuff to water
and we live on the second floor
who expects it?
then we put them outside and
it rained a bit on them
i was not amused

the great Torchwood debate
rages on here in the house
BBC America is running little
promos of people in currently
running shows and they
have one for the girl in
Torchwood, the only one
left in the show
i want to know if it's coming back
and if Captain Jack (John Barrowman)
will be back or if he'll be hanging
out with Doctor Who like
he sometimes does
i need to know where
my precious shows stand
there, they just played one of
those promos of Cap'n Jack
i'm so confused

and on that i leave you
have a good day