July 2nd, 2009

no and where

hardass hardware

i walked up to the dentist, saw the piece of machinery they plan to put into my mouth, asked how much of the metal would show. turns out, a lot. like gum braces. i'm not kidding. after five minutes, i got out of the chair and sent home to wait for the teeth to be attached and come in from the lab. an hour and a half walk and five minutes in the chair. yee hah

then i took a cold shower and devoured half of a canteloupe. then i had the last naan with some lemon and cilantro hummus and doc brought me home a packet of california roll. i ate half of that. the rest is for dinner. doc and M are having steak, i guess i'll have a hummus, lettuce and cheese sandwhich. or maybe some fillet of salmon, easy bake style.

i really do feel energized when i eat healthy, but there's nothing like a roberto's bean burrito with extra cheese. or their chips drowning in guac and cheese, i do love that place. i only wish they delivered.

i'm hungry again, so i think i'll finish that sushi.