June 30th, 2009

me and hank

day 70

i have not perished in the desert heat, though my run out to the car yesterday was a close call. it's like being inside a kiln. *shudder*

i've been messing with the laptop. installed another version of xp and then 98 and then back to my original xp and the whole thing was messy. M helped me no end with the 98, but i just couldn't find the drivers that i needed and i gave up and put my xp back on and it took up much less space. happy all around, all i have to do is put my mail back where it goes, though, if that can't happen, i'm not all that attatched to it.

so i think i'll put a couple songs on here so i can bug M with music from english people. my anglophile ways drive him nuts. whatever it takes to drive him nuts. that's how we work, driving each other nuts. it's fun. like having a brother i never had. hee.