June 16th, 2009

hot cheese

can't stop now, i'm in a curry

last night i made a curry with doc after he got home from work. it came out so good. i'll have some of the chicken tonight, chicken was the chosen meat. doc had bought the chicken on sale and needed something to do with it, so i suggested curry. i've never made one, but months of watching gordon ramsey, i figured i could piece one together with out using the curry powder in my spice rack. i'd give a recipe, but i didn't really measure anything. instead of a tomato base, i used a cream base, so it was really rich and full of evil calories, as doc pointed out over and over. no problem, i'll make the next one a tomato base.

in other news, we've got an organic market up the road from us now and we get great deals on veggies. i just have to learn to eat veggies. but with this curry thing down, i think i can try.
hidey chloe

day 56

i haven't been going to my meeting, the walk uphill is too daunting. i know i need to pull up my pants and just go. i haven't got a sponsor yet. frankly, i'm having more doubts about being in the program. most of the fellowship is cold to me. there's five or so people who make me feel comfortable, like i belong. i'm just very confused right now. i can walk there on my own, but i ask doc to come with me, he brings his bike and does the shopping while i'm in the meeting.

saturday is day 60. then i need to make it to day 90. then 6 months. i'm definitely not going day by day. i live for the next tag, the next meeting. what i should do, is during the week, walk up to the meeting place and back down, so it isn't so daunting saturdays. the excercise would do me good.

and that's the skinny on that.
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