June 8th, 2009

me laughing

on an outing we will go

doc took me on the buses to the far away doctor and i got my prescriptions for the next three months. this journey turned into an oddessy of the dollar tree store and a store called fresh and easy, which i highly recommend. on our last leg of the journey we got a ride from a friend of M's recognized doc and gave us a ride home. my feet and i were grateful.

then yesterday M and i went to see the WWE pay per view at a local casino that plays it and lets you in free, making their money back in bar sales and nachos and hot dogs. i got a couple of cokes. and enjoyed the "fights". mostly things went the way i wanted them to. i dislike a guy named chris jericho and he won and took the mask off the guy he was fighting, big boo.

i've got a bit of tan on my arms, which shows my scars and i'm not liking that at all. i saw some scar diminisher on the tv that i'm going to get and see if it works. i really had no clue that i'd been so destructive with myself. the scars fade and i forget the events.

doc is eating cereal so tech the cat is starting his campaign for milk.
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