May 29th, 2009

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m and i

after i made him kill a spider (i do not do spiders, especially this monster of an arachnid), m declared i was a bad lesbian. cheeky twat he is. then it turns out that he didn't kill it, so doc had to do the honors when he got home. luck was on my side the spider did not move during the interim. ewwww, i hate spiders.

i'm watching my daily intake of BBC America. gordon ramsey is hot, i love his arrogance.

yesterday i found my jewelry. so now i have rings on my fingers, a couple of new bracelets, my pride jewely, including the dog tag necklace in my icon. on the dog tags also hangs my wedding ring. yes i am a study in duplicity. i also found my rings, namely my silver thumb rings and my skull mood ring. it's pale pink, i have no idea what that means.

i paid for today. i was one day from losing it. doc's check was in the bank this morning so i was able to renew it. when my check gets here, i can pay my webhost. that should be any day now.

this entire post could have been sent by twitter, but it wasn't. that doesn't make it any less meaningless. =}
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