May 25th, 2009

hidey chloe

whisky tango foxtrot

what the fuck happened today? i got an email from twitter saying my password may have been compromised. and a twitter message from the loving cryo telling me to get avg and check my system. done and done. what damage was done while i was offline? my machine is clean, confirmed by avg and i've changed some other passwords. twitter said it was an offsite phishing attack, which tells me nothing. so i ask again, what the fuck?

so anyway, i want to assure my friends out there that the boys no longer use in front of me. i don't see it, i don't smell it.

i have reached out to my parents. talked to them through a rough time and hope that we can remain civil, and that brat #1 will never call me to bail him out. because i won't. i've gotten what i wanted, peace with my parents. that is enough for now.

ergo, things are at peace here.

i took all the advice given and considered it, knowing it came from a place of deep liking or even shallow love. and i thank everyone for your words of wisdom. i will actually miss the lively conversation.
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