May 11th, 2009

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low self esteem?

ijust called my family's house. talked briefly with my brother Kraig. my mom or dad should be calling me back. most likely my dad, my mother holds a long grudge. i have no idea what to say. just that nana suggested after ten years the feud should be over. so i put myself out there. i really should go to the hospital. i feel like hurting myself. i should tell doc this.

got to go.
2013, cyd, new

how are you mom?

i just talked to my mom. they have detectives looking for my sister, she's completely disappeared. my brother kelly has disappeared as well. after kasey's death, something broke inside of him. five years ago, he moved out and has had no contact with any of the family.except me. i got a chat message from a "friend" about two years ago that i didn't quite take seriously, and i should have.

what a mess my family is. my mom said they wouldn't call, that i had their number and i could call them when i wanted.

i feel better now/