April 30th, 2009


day 9

i'm taking cyn's advice and trying to appreciate the smaller things. i'll get my 30 day chip about a week after my birthday on the 19th of may. a small thing that gives me joyousness. that i'm nine days away from day 0 is another thing that was pointed out to me that makes me very happy.

so i'm cherry, baby.

we have another, or maybe the same family of pigeons living on the roof outside our door. i don't feed them, doc would kill me, but i talk to them. i try to coo at them. they have eggs, i think, so we'll have chicks sometime this summer.

meantime all the trees are green, the bushes are growing out of bounds and it's summer here. mid 80s every day. it does get cool at night, in the upper 50s. it was just a couple of weeks ago that the trees were bare.

we have rent, so i have no stressors. my days are lazy. but i have jewelry things to make and photos to take of them. doc threw away the matt i was using for a backdrop. so i need to find one for the photos. i'm going to try out etsy.

cat wars are still in effect. tek and leeloo will not stop battling. i think leeloo refuses to accept tek as alpha cat, that's always been her job.