April 17th, 2009

girl cats

pussy problems (meow)

my leeloo, who is declawed, keeps getting aggro with one of M's clawed cats, who ends up slashing leeloo in the face, on the nose mostly, but i'm desperately afraid that lees will get slashed in the eye one of these times. leeloo, or lees is old and crotchety, she growls at me at times, and she's my favorite of the cats and i couldn't bear it if something happened that i couldn't deal with, meaning scratches on the face.

any one have suggestions how i can calm lees down so she will stop picking fights with the other cat? i'd much rather take the brunt of her growling and hissing and stop the fights when i'm around, but they fight at night and it's gotten to the point where the other cat expects lees to fuck with her and slashes at her without a fight.

i'm really stressed out here.
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