March 24th, 2009


50 days

and i just keep not using. ten more days to a new NA tag.

i've been chatting a lot with an old friend from my first high school (there were three, one of them twice, high schools, not friends). in between i've been chatting up members of NA. my search for a sponsor is proving difficult, i need to find one who can deal with me taking medication in a world where taking pills all day is a problem. at least that's what i hear from the sponsors i've talked to. next step is to go to more meetings.

but i'm still not using. i have prescribed pain medication which doc is managing. he forgot to give me my pills for today, so i guess it's large dose of tylenol day.

doc is fiine, so is M and the kitties. and i''m fine too. i walk the two miles to my meeting every saturday, so i'm getting in shape a little. i still need to get to other meetings and that means talking to members and asking for things, like rides. that is really hard for me to do. i understand it's a fellowship, but i have a rotten bad time doing it.

my mouth really hurts but i can't keep putting off the next phase, the only thing stopping me is the money. this next part is the most expensive, and the most painful. i'm ready for the pain, just need the cash, it's all about the money.
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if anyone wants to chat and has skype, i've been using their text chat. my name is "cydniey" on it.
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