March 8th, 2009

2013, cyd, new

day 34

an update on the boys: they only smoke when i'm not in the room and mostly they smoke in M's room. so all temptation is kept away from me. i also have the choice of lighting incense before, during or after. so they are helping me out.

so home life is going smoothly. still have to find a sponsor and try to make it to more than one meeting a week.

i went last night and got my 30 day tag and it was wonderful. i can't wait until 60 days! i know they say one day at a time, but i need to look forward to something, be driven by something.

i also need to learn what they say at the ending.

i started to nod off last night, that was bad. a couple of people said something about it. i need to take ephedrine before i go to the meeting. falling asleep is not cool in meetings.