February 20th, 2009

blue beads

18 days sober. oh yeah, i rock.

i went to the meeting last night. it was cool, i was glad to go, it was a "birthday" meaning someone had made it a year in the program. it's so inspiring to see someone who was so deep in it, coming out and making it a year. the energy in the room was one of hopefulness, i loved it.

then we went out and the woman who drove us bought us dinner. all around a good night.

i'm still trying to get to the group i picked out for NA. someone pointed out to me, i think it was my sponsor, that i'll only need to go a few times before i find my own ride. then i can stop bothering my room mate. they have meetings all day some days and the more i can get to, the better. 90 meetings in 90 days, that's the aim. it will take me a while to get there, but i have a strong feeling that i can do this.
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bad phone day

i made my round of calls and got nothing but voicemail all around. i'm waiting for return calls.

but i'm having an overall good day. i got a giant ice cream sandwhich from the ice cream van and the cravings for weed went away. i'm starting to know why they had cookies and juices at the rehab. feed the craving with something else. i can't wait until this is all out of my system.

doc called at his dinner time to check in on me. just in case M wasn't home, which he isn't.

i'm still in couch mode, i need to get back to business. and doc has a long list of things for me to do. all long term goals. the majority of them revolve around our balcony storage door, which i can't get open. inside are the treasures of winter clothes and quilts. i hope they didn't get taken to our storage place.

it sounds like it's raining outside, cool.
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