February 14th, 2009

2013, cyd, new

it's so good to be home

i'm home and i'm sober 12 days. and i've been home since 2 and i'm doing really well. i haven't whined for pot at all. this sobriety thing may be easier than i thought.

the other girls ganged up on me and straightened my hair and did my eye make up. the makeup got washed off a couple of days ago but the hair was restraightened today before i went home. i love it and i'm going to get myself a straightener soon. it will look even better once it's cut. i look like a cross between susan dey and goddess knows. it's just so soft and straight and the ends don't look as damaged as they are. i need to lose about 2 inches.

i'm getting sleepy, so i'm going to go to bed now.

just wanted to say i'm back home now.