January 23rd, 2009

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much stuff

i talked to my nana and gave her my phone number finally. she's doing well, had a good holiday with the family.

it's raining here again. more rain. more.

U2's "Rattle and Hum is on, well, the last half hour. i remember my dad getting me out of school so i could go to the first showing, which was a matinee. it still moves me, i think i'll rent it.

i had a bunch of stuff on my mind, but *poof* there they go.

one thing returns, my memory problems. for those that don't know, and there are some . . . two and a half years ago i had electro convulsive therapy, or ECT. they put electrodes on your head in strategic places and run a current through them. i volunteered for this treatment because i didn't truly know what the fuck i was getting myself into. i haven't been the same, i have no short term memory and very little long term memory. it isn't unusual to instantly forget what or part of what was told to me. it even happens when i write. i've been practicing this in my head and left myself a note so i could get it all down. but . . . and it's gone. christ.

turns out my computer's issue was a faulty power supply. it's in the shop. of course my "brother", M came home and told me they had to wipe the hard drive and all data was lost. i got the lie before i totally freaked out. we keep getting closer and tease each other constantly. the big brother i never had. though he's younger than me, he's bigger than me and has his wits about him. when we walk somewhere, shopping, touristing, anything, he will hide behind me waiting for me to look back and trying to anticipate that and hide on the other side of where i'm looking.

that paragraph took a weird turn.

Live Aid is on, gotta go.