December 24th, 2008

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tech the cat is the only creature more stressed than i in this house. i know people are getting their last minute holiday stuff done and i'm grateful that i don't have to do that. we are really lucky that way. i may wrap presents. doc likely won't be happy with wrapping paper or without, so i'm not going to try and make him something he isn't this holiday. my experiment with presents failed miserably which bums me out. because i like getting presents. we have stocking stuffers, but i haven't found the stockings. oh, i don't know what to do.

and these lonely orphaned dogs and cats on the tv are getting to me. we would take in every pet we could if we could. all our animals are rescued animals. the days alone they help me. like now when i've been crying over the whole christmas thing, and i am surrounded by cats concerned with the noises i'm making. the sniffling attracks them. i think.

am i even making sense anymore? i feel like i'm not. i'm all confused. sobriety hurt and i didn't want to do the holiday sober. not this year. just let me get through the next week or so.