December 11th, 2008

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"What can you do? With a brat like this always on your back"

i'm giddy today. i can't stop laughing at random things. doc and i didn't quarrel this morning, it was very peaceful. we left the tv off and went over chores and planned a potential trip to the store to get a couple of things. if M wants to. he's always ferrying me here and there.

i have this one tooth that will not stop hurting. no matter how much i do about it. i had it last night and was most unpleasant. today it's bugging me again. only a few more weeks until i can get this mess fixed. yeah!

i''ve pretty much figured out that i'm not getting any of the laptop components or a new video card for the big machine for xmas. doc told me last night. it will be january or early feb that i can start collecting the pieces to rebuild this monster.

he's supposed to go to walmart and get something he needed for me to give him for xmas. i find things go much smoother, the element of surprise is gone, but that's all right. when we grow up i think the magic is still in place. when we're older, it's better to get what you want or need. so that's what we're doing this year because i want presents under the tree, or on the floor in a nice basket since there is no room under our tree. i want to get up and open some stuff, i don't care that i just wrapped it, it's the unwrapping and the cats playing in the foil paper and ribbons. that's the way it should be.

doc (i) got me a tshirt that i've forgotten the design on it, rhinestone or glass and silver tiny butterfly earrings and a black scarf: all things that i needed or wanted (the earrings i wanted and M needed the plain round studs that came with them) i know the shirt is the right size and though i don't remember the design, i know that i will like it when i'm gleefully unwrapping it and putting a bow on a cat's head.

i'm losing coherence here, i know my sentence structure is for shite and i keep losing what i'm saying, so it's time to end this entry.

Ramones - Beat on the Brat