November 17th, 2008

2013, cyd, new

no lyric today

i am absolutely at the mercy of the haldol and cogentin. i am dizzy and sleepy. and i don't want to go back to bed. or maybe i do, i can't decide. i have almost no chores today and it will be a couple of hours at the very least until M comes home.

to bed, i'll drink my coffee first. then i'll go take a two hour nap and be at the ready for social interaction.

much later . . .

i thought i would finish this before i went to sleep, but that didn't happen. now it's almost time for doc to get home. the day went slowly and boringly. i'm watching wrestling, mainly because i know it will take up my time until the day ends. i wish they'd find a pill that motivated me to get shit done.

i'm all over the map and am not nearly as unhappy as i sound.