November 5th, 2008

hidey chloe

"can you hear me talking to you?"

i woke up in my clothes and assumed it was 6:30 pm. WRONG. i confused the shit out of doc, i thought he was home from work early and asleep. but no, he was still getting his nightly sleep. i did make him go back to bed, he asked me if i was going to kick him any more. i told him i was up and he had nothing to worry about, go back to bed. i'm so confused.

Duran Duran - Ball of Confusion
rainbow canes

First Friday

can any of the locals tell me where it is and maybe where to park. i haven't been to one in years, but i want to take M this friday and show him a little culture while we girl watch.

oh, times would be important, too.

any help is so appreciated.
purple paper

"Neon-lights, Shining brightly make your brain ignite"

yesterday M and i went to wallyworld and got a deck of Uno cards. this has changed our lives. we can easily play three games without a mess to clean up. though one of us needs to learn how to shuffle the deck.

i just took a shower and combed my hair out. i also sprayed myself with green apple body spray. doc says i smell good. i like smelling good, i really should stop smoking so i smell good longer.

i keep tring to type and fucking up, so i'm going to cut this short. hooray for medications

Aldo Nova - Fantasy
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