October 27th, 2008

frances farmer

hi honey, i'm home!

i had no incedents with the meds they gave me, and the voices have receded, so they sprung me.

i'm now on haldol, to replace the seroquel i was on for 8 years and cogentin to supress the side effects of the haldol. i was taken off topamax altogether.

i don't mind telling you that after this visit, i feel very sane compared to some of the people i've spent the past few days with.

right now i'm going to just relax and have some coffee and finish the slurpee M got me on the way home and fuzzle the cats until they can't stand it anymore. i've already gotten to leeloo (my favorite, but don't tell the others) who came right out to me when i called "kitty kitty". jack and tech also came to me so i gave out treats. chloe was the first to welcome me home with a wide eyed look that seemed to ask me where the fuck i've been for so long.

thanks for the emails and comments. i'm going to go through them once i get my butt used to the comfy couch.