October 19th, 2008

rainbow canes

"i can't see much of a future"

a skull searing toothache was just conquered by way too much tylenol generic.

doc got me a new stick mixer. i can make proper iced drinks and hummus and perfectly fluffy eggs and homemade soups and sauces again. and just in time for the holiday cooking season. cool. great gift. it came with a case to keep it in but we have a wall mounted holder for it from our last one.

we did nothing interesting yesterday. i woke up thinking it was monday.

speaking of monday, doc has to get up early and call and make sure i'm covered under his dental insurance. then i have to call the rehab hospital and make sure they take my insurance and find out what i have to do to do the rehab thing. i really feel positive about quitting. i need to quit abusing my body and my brain.

then i guess it's just a matter of packing. oy. i can do this. if i'm on topomax i won't have quite the appetite in there and won't gain any more weight, they feed you well. i can go to the gym every day if i want.

i need to go bake canned biscuits now and wait for dinner (cheesesteak) to arrive with the guys.

Buzzcock's - Ever Fallen in Love