October 15th, 2008


pictures later, talk now

the WWE event last night was frelling great! i even got to see one of my favorite RAW characters there, fighting. though M is right, he doesn't really wrestle so much as he bulldozes and slams his opponents. but i think he's great. in fact, that word is part of his character name, the Great Kali. he's supposed to be indian (eastern) and is a giant of a man who has a jaw that could be used to gut a moose.

i'm pleased to see that none of the pictures M took of me came out. but i got a good one of him. i'm jumping from laptop to computer to look at the pictures to see if any turned out. we were close to the floor so we had a lot of sign holders and were likely on tv at some point. we'll see on friday when smackdown is on. i did notice that not too many wrestlers gave love to the "back" of the ring, where we were. some did and i tried to capture that on film. but they never stood still, i've seen a lot of blurry pictures so far. i'll post the pick of the litter.

having been on the UNLV campus finally, i want to go there more. firstly i want to go to the library to get some research information on schizoaffective disorder for my book. internet sources just won't do it. and the books i've gotten are not about it, they are about other disorders, i am reading them to get a feel for how they are written. what i need is a day in the library with a roll of change for the copy machine and this little laptop beast to get what i need.

it's a really nice campus, but what small school isn't? we walked from one side to the other, through the quad (does every university have a quad? i think they do) and finally around the arena to the front, where we were greeted with a sea of cars that made the walk so very worth it. we were home eating our Roberto's nummy food while people were still trying to get out of that parking lot. ewwww. traffic is icky.

i sold a necklace on ebay. it was part of a bulk buy from my supplier that i am selling at really cheap prices. soon they will be part of a buy so much, get a free gift promotion i'm going to do. i also got some glass bracelets to use free gifts. hopefully this will up my sales going into the holidays. that and adding the 50 or so pieces i've completed and not listed. i have about half of those photographed. i need to get off my ass. you know? i've been talking and talking and not doing anything. well, now, if it goes on the list in the small green notebook, it gets done.

now i've going to go watch the dow show. or the uppy downy show.