September 10th, 2008

2013, cyd, new

"but can't denial let me believe?"

middle of the week. doc took a surprise day off. he's going to the doctor with a friend. he won't go to my doctor with me . . . i guess the distance from the problem helps. he helps her out and i'm grateful for a man who would do something like this for a friend.

we watched Drawn Together this morning and now are watching some kind of police pursuit show.

M and i are going to WWE Smackdown when it's in town. he's picking up the tickets saturday. i can't believe i'm excited about wrestling. but it's fun to watch and i really want to be a part of such a vocal audience.

today i'm meant to go to walmart with M to get cat food and litter. we also need coffee, milk and cigarettes. the smokes i'll get at the smoke shop and i'll pick up another pack of cloves while i'm there. i still go outside every day and smoke at least one while listening to my mp3 player and watching the pigeons. i'd like them a lot more if they didn't shit on the railing up the stairs. but other than that, i kind of like having the critters up there. it gives the cats something to watch.

Aimee Mann - Pavlov's Bell