September 3rd, 2008

purple paper

"you think you know her"

it's a chilly 95 degrees out.

i woke up after doc had left, unusual for me and kinda stupid, since i needed to get money from him to go buy smokes.

my tooth is being quiet with the pain, but my jaw hurts and there's a small lump i can feel from outside. i'm taking antibiotics and lots of pain relievers (generic tylenol). i've also stopped eating solid food. we have plenty of slim fast and yogurt.

i smell like green tea and cucumber, i love my new body wash. so much, i'll be showering again today. though this time i'll also smell like coconut from the hair conditioner. and maybe some green apple body spray. a nice mediterranean fruit salad.

i must stop clenching my teeth.

i should take my meds and go back to bed. i'm just not feeling it today.

Cause and Effect - You Think You Know Her"