July 31st, 2008

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M has gone to his homestead for a couple of days for an unpleasant errand. tech can't wait for him to come back. best wishes to M, though i don't think he reads this. why should he? i will eventually say everything that i write in here.

it's almost august, this year has gone by so fast so far. i have to find a dentist. it's time to fix my neglected teeth. and if they have to pull most of them out, i'm zen with that. though i will fight hard for bridgework. M said he'd take me.

we're still waiting for a movie to come out that we can go see.

on the home movie front, he got a hold of "Wanted" and it was incredible. i think i'll watch it again today. though, he left me some horror movies for my entertainment while doc is at work. Hostel 1 and 2 and Amittyville Horror, a remake of that, i think. doc doesn't like horror movies. for a while he was against my watching them, but he got over that. they don't give me nightmares like he feared they would. and the violence doesn't bother me like he thought it would. i've been a horror movie buff since highschool (yes, they had horror movies back then). no amount of fake gore can make me flinch. because it's fake.

leeloo is stopping tech coming in from the porch, time to intervene. ok. she's such a bully to him. they haven't really had the alpha battle that tech and jack had. she just bullies tech and he's too mellow to do anything about it. and tech and jack are getting along much better than i thought they would.

the weather people pushed the rain back and now they don't know when we'll get rain. i know it's the desert, but it is monsoon season. is just one monsoon too much to ask?

my studio is a hopeless mess. i can't really do much except move stuff around. i can't put anything away, i ran out of away. there is no room for anything else. needless to say this is putting off my installation of the new trackball and keyboard. and the testing of the USB ports, which may or may not be okay. i have another firewire/USB cable to replace the one that got burned out. this weekend i'm going out and getting a surge protector to replace the one i have. i still don't know what happened.

today is manicure day. my nails are getting way too long for this laptop's keyboard. time to cut and color them. this weekend i plan to stock up on girl stuff like pink nail polish and some of that new under eye roll on to take the puffiness down when i get up in the morning. there's a lot of mirrors in this place.

okay, striving to take my meds before noon, need to go do that.

have a great day.
all me

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doc and i are in the middle of a marathon monopoly game. and we started it early so we wouldn't run out of time or burn out. just in case i or he gets tired of it, i've documented with my digital camera. we are such dweebs.

dinner break. time to find dinner.