July 23rd, 2008

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good morning sunshines!!

i got up in the 9 o'clock hour. just in time to answer the door for the maintenance man. it was the same guy that was here a couple of weeks ago, but didn't remember what the issues were. ACK! is there no organization here? so now doc and i are waiting for him to come back, hopefully with a new toilet for M's room. at this point i don't even care if i get a new fan in my bathroom, i just want my roommate to have a working toilet.

doc stopped and mentioned how loverly my hair looks in the sunlight. that was nice of him. and of course he didn't use the word "loverly", he's too manly for that. but he did compliment me. i like my hair, at least in color. it's three colors now. four if you include my roots. i need to go get hair dye and hair product and pink fingernail polish. i don't know if i'll find the shade of pink i want, but i'm going to try hard. maybe i'll get some new eye shadow too. i only put on makeup once a week or so, but it makes me feel good to gussy myself up.
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huzzah! i just placed the order for my new trackball and keyboard. this is significant because it marks the end of our bad finances for a while. all of it is private and i would get my head shaved if i talked about it, but this one small order just symbolizes the end of a very hard time. we don't have money to waste, and most of what we get goes into savings, but being order to replace equipment that no longer works is a hap-hap-happy time.

this also marks the end of the excuses about the book. i'll have my keyboard and precious trackball back and in the time it takes to get here, i'll have cleared a space to work in the studio at the computer the book is on. my computer. my slightly ill computer. it claims not to recognize the ethernet controller while it connects successfully. it is confused. i've made mad backups of the book and the journals it came from. i have to find some medical records and read the five journals i found and see if there is anything i can add to the book. those will be fun to read. i don't remember writing them.