July 21st, 2008

mardi gras beads

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i use a product on my hair to keep it in line (natural curls) and the product was recently changed by the company, changing the smell of the product (which did bum me out for a while, i loved the previous scent of the product), and apparently the formula. while the previous prduct detangled my hair, it tended to flatten it out. but this morning i have no complaints, my hair is soft and i can run my fingers through it. i can never run my fingers through my hair. i will be a loyal user of this product for a while. meanwhile Herbal Essenses has discontinued the conditioning spray i use and i am unhappy with them for it. but let's be clear, this is a Great hair day.

Jack woke me up today with fuzzles and love and nary a bite on the nose. waking up to his motor purring in my ear is just joy incarnate. i got up and put my contacts in and played happily with my hair while leeloo and jack play fought in the empty bathtub. i'm letting doc sleep in. M is at work and this is my time. the cats wander around, paying me attention occasionally.

i don't know that doc and i have any plans for today. likely cleaning up my bedroom. it will be a nice day. there are fluffy clouds in the sky, but i don't hate the sun like i did last week. so long as i don't have to go outside. hee.

oooh, i have clove cigarettes, a treat to myself last week. i think i will smoke one before doc wakes up. he can't stand the smell of them. heh.