July 20th, 2008


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look at that icon. he doesn't look demonic. okay, he does, a little bit.

i think jack and tech are using the night time to run amok.

the clouds have rolled in, they don't look rain filled, but they filter the sun. of course going outside is out of the question for those with breathing problems, the clouds keep in the ozone, making the levels rise until the clouds go away or it rains everything away.

M is in his room watching 1408 on his computer. he has the nicest monitor. it's big and clear and brilliant. i'm going to look into getting a monitor made in this century soon. i asked last night if i could order the trackball and keyboard today, and doc said he thought i had already ordered them. so i guess that's a yes.

the burgers last night were great. i had a double. so much for a low fat diet, hee. i think i want a banana. i wonder if there are any left. i take the stickers off of them and put them in my paper journal. i don't know why, it breaks up the monotony of just handwriting. one of my journals i just found, i stickered and stamped my way through the end of it just to make it interesting. paper journals are great.

i have my headphones on, listening to my mp3 player. i haven't listened to music much since my last shrink appointment. and i need to make an appointment with my therapist. i'll call tomorrow.

and speaking of tomorrow, doc took a vacation day and will be spending tomorrow with me. YAY!!! we'll probably look into cleaning the bedroom. it's still a mess from the move in, when M moved in, we cleared all of our crap out of his room. most of it went to storage, but there were a few boxes i needed to look through.
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