July 7th, 2008

making a fuss

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i feel fucking godlike this morning. the abilify gave me a great night's sleep. and even though i'm up earlier than i'd like, it's nice to have quiet time. the boys have been home for the past three days and though doc is the disruptive one (i think he's happy to have a guy living here), it's nice to be "alone" (doc is asleep, in other words, dead to the world).

the cats have taken a new turn. tech and jack have finally come to terms with each other, but leeloo has started taking tech on. and while tech is twice the size of jack, he's only slightly larger than leeloo. so she has taken to hissing and growling at him whenever she makes their paths cross. i don't know what she's trying to accomplish, it may be solidarity with jack, it may be her just being her. meanwhile chloe and max, who won't deal with the other cats at all, have been secretly commiserating with each other over the whole chaotic mess. this all provides no end of entertainment for us humans.

we've been watching a lot of movies and seasons of south park. M has no end of DVDs. plus The Fifth Element was on tv last night and that always thrills doc and i, so we had to watch it.

i think i mentioned that M has a PS2 in the living room and he just found a bunch of games he had packed away for it. so i have a whole new game platform to mess with, and it will play my PS1 games, so i want to find those. it will be weird playing a game without god mode or other fun cheats, like on the computer. we do look up whatever cheats we can as soon as we play a PS2 game. we are cheaters. not M, just doc and i, we need the advantage, we're old.