May 7th, 2008

shiny kaylee

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still no word from my sister. you people aren't wishing hard enough!!

i cut my nails so i could type and i'm sitting here making really silly typos. how is that cool?

doc thought he was helping this morning when he rattled off the bus directions to get to walmart. i was totally confused and he was in a horrible hurry. so i just told him that i didn't think it was going to happen. but i want to go west. i want to go to Savers first (huge thrift store) and then maybe to the huge 99 cent store. then on to the strip.

he was very annoyed at me about missing my appointment. he thinks i should have called a cab, not taking into considerating the timeline, even a cab that came directly out here and got me straight to my doctor's office, it would have been too late. it was too late by the time i gave up and came home. he said last night he was cross and just wanted to be alone, i went to bed. he said he'd probably be fine by the time we got up this moring. which, he seemed to be over it and everything was indeed fine when we got up. i even tried to con him into making coffee when it was clearly my turn. we laughed as i begged him.

i need to wash my face more often. my personal hygeine has always been a bit lacking, limited to taking care of what smells and leaving the rest. i've, over the past year, gotten the best of products for my face and hair and nails and makeup. but it's still hard to remember to wash my face every day. i do it when i touch my cheek and it doesn't feel like my skin is supposed to feel. and i don't put lotion on until my skin starts peeling, rather than doing it proactively. i'm just not wired that way. i keep my nails trimmed and polished, reveling in giving myself a manicure. that is one thing i really enjoy, so i keep up with it. now if i can just get the other things . . . i'd smell really nice.