May 6th, 2008

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what a stupid morning. first, doc let me sleep until 11, apparently forgetting the three hour rule on days out. but i got my shit together and made it out the door by noon. the bus was supposed to come at 20 after the hour. the bus going northbound was supposed to be here about 20 minutes later, it would have made my trip longer and i would be late to therapy, but i could deal with that. but the northbound bus never came.

so i did the walk of shame home, back from an unsuccessful bus attempt. i called my therapist's office and let them know i wouldn't be there and rescheduled for friday at the same time. let's hope the busses are working that day. i wish i knew what was up, i could have started walking. all up a steep hill, but i can hoof that hill.

all the time i spent reading the schedule. rats. hee.

the music on my mp3 player needs to be updated. not a simple task. but a fun one, searching for what i'm looking for in the ass backward software. see me looking a gift horse in the mouth. that's not what i meant. much of it is the frelled up way that i have my music organized or not organized.