April 15th, 2008


(no subject)

while i'm lucid, i will write. i'm putting off my first dose because i felt so hungover from the last dose last night. i stayed up last night until 4 am. i don't know why, i just kept smoking and watching tv.

funny thing is, i have nothing really to say. M comes over and hangs out with me sometimes. he's got a whole set of friends, so i get the feeling when he comes over here it's just out of pity. but that could just be me. i don't read people well. and frankly, pity or not, i enjoy hanging out with him.

i think i'll go watch monty python live disc one. netflix is having a hard time getting disc two to me.

tell me it gets better. lie to me if you have to. just tell me it's going to be okay.