February 26th, 2008

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better. better. better. things are.

my arms are healing, the infection went away after salt soaks (thanks siobhan_1) and lots and lots of neosporin and bandaging. i'm still wondering what the deal is, why i actually did it, twice. the first time was after i got home from my shrink appointment, the other was after i made a bracelet that i didn't like when it was done (i fixed it the next day and now find it acceptable). these seem like silly reasons, surface reasons that don't really tell the story. and the story is the key. the real story, the truth of the matter. that's what i want. and i can't seem to grasp it.

Coco Latte is doing well. she doesn't seem any bigger, but she could be, i haven't held her in a couple of days, doc has been doing the hand training. we take turns in order to get Coco familiar with both of our scents. she's still mean and jumpy, but i don't think she'll be like that for long. i gave her a piece of apple last night. she tried to bite me and would have nothing to do with it until i put it in her bowl. i need to check and see if she ate or stashed it. it was small enough that it would just dry out instead of getting moldy if she ignores it.

last night while going through my latest jewelry making catalogue i found a sterling silver link bracelet made by the Hill Tribes and asked doc if he was familiar with the custom of buying diamonds for one's wife, and after fucking about for a bit, he said yes. and i told him i had found what for me was equal to a diamond for girls who like that sort of thing. it's a nice, bulky sort of bracelet and would be perfect to attach the Tiffany sterling silver heart to. Alisa gave me that heart when we started working together. i told doc the price and he said it was reasonable and i told him i would bring it up later, closer to my birthday. i should get one for kam316 for her birthday in march so we have matching bracelets. Alisa and i have matching bracelets that i made. they are stretch bracelets made of wood beads with Asian style painting on them. i have two, she has four.

see, things on the surface are going well. maybe i can keep myself on the surface for a while and enjoy things. i'm having a Firefly marathon today that will very likely warp into a viewing of Farscape season 3. or i could watch Resident Evil Extinction again. i don't particularly like it, but there's a lot of shit blowing up and much gunplay. and of course there's zombies and super zombies in it. i can't resist a zombie flick.