February 13th, 2008

shiny kaylee

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i'm going out to run errands today. i haven't decided when. it's really windy out today, definately a hat day.

this is my first week off lortab. third day. i feel better today than i did yesterday. i was on them for almost three months and seriously abusing them. surprisingly i'm not in any pain. aside from the standard (with me) withdrawl symptom of my ears pounding with my heartbeat. that is tired. but it's better than what i was anticipating. i actually feel pretty good.

i haven't passed out in a while. going on a week now. my doctor and i wondered if it was the seroquel XR i was taking on and off. now we've ordered a three month supply of my meds and i will pick up some cymbalta samples today on my outing to tide me over until the order gets here. i was able to take a whole dose last night so emotionally i'm pretty shiny.

on the Coco front, baby hamsters sleep a LOT. i make sure to have time with her every day, so she gets used to my smell and my hands. she's still a biter, but only if she feels threatened, no more blind biting fits. she eats a lot, too. she's going to be big like Spot was if she keeps eating like this. we're taking a different track feeding her than we did with Spot. right now she's on plain chow, but she gets a bite of carrot or apple every couple of days. we don't know if she's old enough for more fresh veggies yet. she also eats the millet in her chow, which none of my other hamsters have done. the millet has always just been filler in the chow. meanwhile, everything Coco does is cute as all get out. when she is briefly awake, she runs her wheel and moves so fast that when she stops the momentum swings her up to the top of the wheel. amazing to see something so small move so fast.