January 30th, 2008


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i'm waiting for our apartment inspection. they do this every six months. it was supposed to happen monday, but though i waited monday and yesterday, no apartment people. the inspections are not a real hassle, but with my meds that put me to sleep during the day, problems arise. if i wake up and there are people in the apartment, i will flip. that's one of my bigger fears, that i will wake up and there will be someone in the apartment.

Q and his young daughter came over last night. a high holiday for kitty kat Jack. he loves that little girl. i took some video of them playing together. now Q just needs an email address so i can send it to him. we never see jack so happy as he is when that munchkin is over here. he follows her around, responds to her calling him monkey and comes to her when he's called. he never does that for us. this cat likes our friends better than he likes us. as long as he's happy. frankly, the girl wears me out. children wear me out in general, it's not specific to this kid.

i woke up this morning early to go to the bathroom and jack was asleep next to my head. that was the cutest. i didn't even know he was there at first. now he's resting. in another hour he will come out of his hidey hole and start chasing the girl cats around. there will be hissing. oh yes, there will be hissing.

not much else to report. my mind is . . . not helpful to me anymore. i sit with my paper journal next to me and the proper color pen (there is an order to the six colors i use) and never write anything but my medications that i take.

i'm watching the whole election thing from a slight distance. i have a little freak out any time romney pulls ahead. i have a pathological fear of a mormon running this country. being a recovered mormon, i remember stuff i learned as a kid. their history of wanting to take over the country long ago. is that desire gone? how mormon is this guy?

i can't decide who i want in the democratic race, obama seems to be the winner to hitch your star to. i just can't imagine him president. i guess that's good. things i can picture never turn out right. things i can't picture seem to work themselves out.

i blacked out twice this weekend. i can feel it coming on now, and if i have the time, i warn doc. usually by saying "going down now" before i lose conciousness. i always sink to my knees, so i don't fall backwards and hit my head. my knees are taking a beating.

there's something i wanted to show you all. i guess i'll work on that now.
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Meet Zap Lavendar

this is Zap, he is my 2007 christmas bear, given to me by Alisa

this is Zap in the microwave. no, i haven't lost my mind completely and i'm not being cruel. Zap is full of flax seed, lavendar, thyme and a myriad of other soothing scents. you pop him in the microwave and heat him up for a minute or so and you have an instant heating pad. if anyone is interested in having one of their own, he is called by his maker Toasty Chocolate Bear.

he's the greatest. he keeps me warm at night. i heat him up before i go to bed and hug him and his warmth until i fall asleep. i love my Zap Lavendar.