Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

is it a full moon?

the last two days, people have just been strange. plus, i made a blog entry. i so rarely write in my "blog" blog. i spend my time entertaining you guys and gals.

hooray cymbalta! so what if it interacts with ibuprophen, it is my hero.

okay, see, now the cats are being weird. chloe is knocking down stuff i can't see. jack was just on top of the refrigerator (no, he doesn't usually do that, they get sprayed with water if they get up on the counters, and even jack needs the counter to get to the top of the fridge). they must be protesting their new food. if leeloo gets in on this circus, i'll know it's the food. that's the only thing she ever complains about. yep, here she is at my feet . . . on my feet. we got them a higher quality food, and what can i say, they like the big macs of the cat food world. they like the cheap stuff. this is mid grade and weight control to boost. poor kitties. mommy spends more money on their food than her own. poor, poor kitties. hee.

and let me take a moment out to mention how insanely cute Spot is. we play this game with the spray bottle, she chews on the bars of her cage and i shoot at her, either a gut shot or over her head, she always gets at least a little bit wet. she loves it, she loves the water. she plays under her own water bottle in her cage. strange hamster. too cute hamster. just thought i'd mention her because i get to bask in her cuteness daily, while you all must wait with baited breath for me to share. bummer i can't get pictures of her. she won't hold still and she doesn't sleep sprawled out in the cage anymore, she curls up. she's camera shy. i'm sure she knows what a camera is, every brain cell she has goes to knowing what a human camera is, yep. hee.
Tags: cats, spot

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