October 4th, 2007

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i just bought the 512 MB card for my camera! and i got free shipping! i love amazon.com.

i also got some stretchy cord to remake alisa's bracelets with. after wearing the rubber cord i used, i have found that it stiffens up. not a problem for the necklaces i made, but no good for the bracelets i made her. she's fine to wear them and not get them wet, but i want them done right and i thought the rubber i used would do the job. i'm glad i made a necklace out of it and wore it all the time so i know what happens to it.

then maybe i'll make some glass bead stretch bracelets. i need a few new ones to wear, i'm tired of my orange and purple ones.

i need to get reading.
2013, cyd, new

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i'm having a problem breezing through the book on self mutilation i'm reading.

i've already culled and tried something i read in there. and that was when i read the excerpt online at amazon.com.

i've gotten my precious cymbalta back and i'm just waiting for it now to kick in.

and i hate pms, but who doesn't? do i want a half of lortab because of my cramps, or because i'm in the thoughts of self harm. not that i'm close to doing it, it's just on my mind because i'm reading about it. i'll stay up late reading and it will be over and i can get into the book on it that actually is supposed to have some help about it.

i found a new shrink today. i have an appointment on the 23rd. just in case i forget. i do look back over these things lately.

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i can' t wait until alisa sends me her extra earbuds, though i may go to sleep with my headphones on tonight. just because there's nothing on TV and i should be able to sleep to music. if not, then the history channel wins out.

doc gave a cursory glance and noises of approval at my scrapbooking efforts. the more pages he sees finished, the more worth the money the initial investment is. he doesn't care how i use it, as long as i use it. hand bound books, scrapbooks he will eventually have to buy full of pages of my colorful memories of times, pets and friends. especially old pets long gone. because they need to be remembered. after the gutwrenching of writing the book, looking at these pictures is cake.

i love my weather buddy in the status bar of my firefox window. it's in add ons. it has the greatest little graphic up for windy right now.