September 30th, 2007

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i didn't do anything i intended to do yesterday. i went for a walk with doc to the grocery and the post office. and i got really cranky while i was out. i hadn't tied my hair back and it was very windy. plus i didn't bring my had and the sun was almost ovehead. photophobia, sensitivity to bright light. because even though it was in the 70 degree area, the sun baking on me and making me squint just took all my energy and freaked me out a bit. so i was all flippy at the grocery and trying doc's patience.

then we came home and watched old movies and then took a nap at three. i got up at 6:30 and doc was steam cleaning the carpet by the doorway. i watched the history channel until 9 and then went to bed.

once again i had to make myself take my medication. and it was only after threats to myself about how bad things get quickly when i don't take my meds. i don't know what the deal is with this. i know i'm sad much of the day. not depressed, really, just sad. and i don't know why.

doc said i could use his room to store the stuff in here that is in my way. i think i'll take him up on that today. if i could get some of the stored stuff out of here, i could actually work in this room again. most of it is just mailing boxes i need to keep for future ebay sales. then there's the pile of filing which can go in his room, since it is waiting for him to go through. looking around, i could move a lot of stuff out of here. i think i'll go do that. then i can work on projects during the day in small spurts while i'm working on the book. that way i won't get burned out on the book so soon each day.