September 20th, 2007

what by who

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a little morning creative exercise . . . i made two new Firefly icons. now it's time to get some work done. there are things i need to add to the book. but i have to be careful of the word count, because it's getting up there.

hopefully this will be my general confusion icon, along with the "use of a s-wha?" icon. i have so much general confusion, i need two.

back to work!
xmas lights

icon for oldwolf

christmas lights at Ethel M Chocolate Factory, in the xerascaped gardens.

i'm at a standstill on the book. i've said that something was inconsequential and now i have to go back and change that to the opposite of it. i know, it makes no sense.


time to join Query Tracker and get my learning on.
hidey chloe

ugh WTF

i just threw up. it took a while to go through all the symptoms, the sweats, the drooling, the puking and the recovery. i feel fine now. i'm a little overheated but it was 87 in here, so i turned on the a/c. now i'm drinking the dasani water that doc got me yesterday. i want to finish my coffee, but i'm afraid of puking again. i tried to eat a cookie before i puked, to try to absorb extra acid, but i could only take two bites.

i figured out chloe sleeps in my underwear drawer. good thing i don't use it, i pile everything on top of the dresser in a way the cats can't get their balance on and don't sleep on. but as i grabbed a new shirt, i saw the tail flick out of the drawer and it scared the crap out of me. at least she's off the desk. she's diabolical and creepy. her absolute cuteness (because she never grew up, she stayed small) and neediness weakens everyone around her. she loves attention and will go to any lengths to get it.

fuck this, i feel sick again. with just water. i'm going to go lay down.
no and where

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firefox is so cool! i have a little addon that puts control of windows media player (or most any other player) in the status bar of my firefox window. then i found another addon yesterday that puts the weather in the status bar of my firefox window and it updates constantly. i just noticed that it turned over from cloudy sun to cloudy moon. and we still didn't get near our projected high today.

after my sick i lay down for a while and then got up and talked shop with alisa. then i went for a walk to get some cola. i took my big blue refillable cup with me. i did leave without my sunglasses and had to go back for them. but it was kind of cloudy out so i ended up not needing my hat. which is good, i left it at home.

i don't know what all this leaving the house is about. it was really hard when i went to the doctor, but not as hard when i went to the store the other day on the bus or out today. i guess the klonopin does work.