September 12th, 2007

shiny kaylee

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i am flying high on genius right now. i was devastated that the stereo wouldn't get FM without a coax antenna. so just for shits and giggles i screwed a short coax into it and turned on the stereo. and i'm listening to live radio right now. i found a hard rock type station that seems to be playing only new stuff. i like the music i'm hearing and i'm hoping if i listen long enough i will absorb the names of the bands and songs i like.

i have to start hard core formatting today. once i'm done with that, there is nothing between me and the proposal. hell, i so don't want to format i may just do the proposal first. how do i boil my book down to 10-20 pages? i can't believe we got the story contained in just under 100k words, now i have to write a book report on it. i've been trying not to read it as much as possible and i certainly haven't read it all in order.

i can't believe that i got the stereo going. yay!

doc and i were giddy last night. him with his promotion and me with the finishing of the book. things are starting to look up. i'm glad.

damn, and the cable is out. when did that happen, i was all happy and connected and now i'm very certainly not. rarr. and rarr again.

i took my morning pills. two xenadrine, two pain relievers for the muscle in my back i must have pulled in my sleep, and one klonopin. yesterday i took two klonopin and wrote the last chapter. what does that say for me when i am medicated and can focus? it tells me i had better never leave my klonopin at home. it tells me that it's working, even if at a double dose. i still didn't exceed my limit for the day. usually i take less, yes, but it didn't hurt anything and it got the last chapter done.

if i knew where my keys were, i'd go get the netflix movie waiting in my mailbox. a nice walk would do me good.

now the antenna is going in and out. i need a newer coax to plug in there. i'll work on finding that later tonight.