August 17th, 2007

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so i made it to the doctor on time. YES! i had time to stand at the bus stop and smoke a cig. i got off at the right stop and didn't know how long it would take me to hoof it the rest of the way, so i sped. i was walking so fast and my poor feet were so mad. never wear doc martens with long toenails. enough said.

i dig my new doctor. he was up on the current happenings in the bipolar world. he pointed out that if i don't take the effexor with food, i lose about 40% potency of the drug. so i'll be taking that with food from now on and maybe i can cut back on my seroquel.

he also said that anti-depressants can cause manic episodes or just plain old severe mood swings in bipolar poeple. so we'll be looking at replacing the cymbalta in a month or so. we'll see if i have any more episodes between now and then.

i told him about the book and that since i've started working on the book i've been feeling really stable (yesterday's panic attack not withstanding).

we've been working 3 plus weeks now and i feel almost normal. i get through the day with no problems, sometimes i need to take a nap. and i'm tired afterward, and satisfied that i've done the best i can. that's what i envision normal to be like. and i like it
2013, cyd, new

recent pictures of me

no one will photograph me (i'm lookin' at you, doc) so i took a couple of self photos. i like the second, you can see the bit of sun i got on my face yesterday. i was wearing SPF 30 but i was out longer than thirty minutes and the sun was right on my face on the way home. aside from some burning on the top of my head, i like the new color of my face.

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well, the outline is retooled. i need to make the finished chapters match the outline now. then i work on the one sheet. one piece of paper to explain who i am, why i'm an exciting author and share pieces of the book oh yeah, with an overview. if i had my druthers, this would be written by someone else. i'm no good at summarizing my own work or plugging myself.

we're waiting to hear from a couple of names on advice on the proposal. one already contacted never had to use a proposal, his books were just published. that happens when you're a big enough name. he was willing to answer questions, though and that was very cool of him.

okay, back to work, a friend is coming over for a little while. i need to have something accomplished by the time he gets here.