August 15th, 2007

art journal rainbow

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i just won a war with Word's auto formatting. i had to change up my outline, as is common in writing, i hear. and the first time i tried to change it i fucked it all up. it was, i can honestly say, a clusterfuck of information with weird formatting. i closed the document without saving it, so i could have the original to try again. and the second time i tried, it worked! the outline is beautiful still.

doc called on his lunch break, just like he does every day. i have two netflix movies to watch. "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever", a classic Babs Streisand flick. and in the mailbox is "Girl, Interrupted" which i will watch and then reread the book. if i can find the book. Babs will just have to play in the background while i work.

thank you guys for answering my psych hospital terms query. it was all very helpful.

can i get a hell yeah!

i got two of seven sections done today!

now it's time to seriously consider the book proposal. 15-30 pages i need to fill. single spaced. if anyone has any tips, now is the time to speak up. you can delete the entry once you make it and it's emailed to me, if you want. i sure would appreciate any help in this direction.

now i'm on to relax with some take out.

farewell for the night.