August 3rd, 2007



i guess i've been grinding my teeth and not realizing it. the temporary bridge i have on the one side of my mouth just fell out. it came out before, but would snap back onto the teeth. but between both teeth going bad and my grinding, my bridge has had enough. fuck. only 30 more days until i can go to the dentist. i guess i'm going on a liquid diet. that will be good for me, right? right. so long as the liquid isn't exclusively coffee.

i'm so pissed now. frell. frak. gorram it.

i think i'll put on Firefly in the background. i'm not in the mood for music today.

i'm in the mood to get a lot of work done.

my scar from a couple weeks ago is bad. and it isn't on the underside of my wrist, it's on the side of my arm so it is always visible. i fucked up this time. it looks like the one on my leg did and now that it's a year old, the leg one still looks angry. my skin is changing. i need to get some of that scar erasing stuff that the makers of Head On make.

have you ever heard me read my work?
i am here

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i've been at this since 8 this morning and things are really coming together. i have a five page outline of all the chapters and sections in 9 days. fucking brilliant of me and Alisa. without her, this project would still be sitting in the back of my mind. and now it is a flurry of emails and documents and piecing things together. fleshing other things out. i think i can really help people by writing this autobiography of sorts.

i'm so into the groove, i don't see me taking this entire weekend off. i see me stopping for the day in the next 40 minutes or so. hoping my bowie CD holds out that long.

while my cable was out i made myself a necklace with the sterling silver Tiffany heart that Alisa sent me in a package of goodies. it's a simple necklace, thin black cord and the heart. i didn't feel it needed anything else on it. simple and to the point.

now i have all of my new supplies sitting in their open boxes on the floor at my feet as i figure out what is going to be done next. i wanted the supplies "right now" and until the necklace making today, i hadn't touched it. need to remedy that. maybe sunday.