July 20th, 2007

in thought

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yay, it's friday!

i asked doc if he could come home early and he said no, something to do with the harry potter book release. okay. i don't ask questions.

so i'm on my own for the next six and a half hours. if i take the klonopin like i should, i will likely sleep through half of that. it all comes down to six o'clock, when CSI starts. then doc gets home in the middle of that.

i've started wearing bracelets. don't know why.

i went to put on my really cool wide leather cuff/tigger watch only to discover that the watch was no longer keeping time. i have to see if there is a battery in it or if it just died. if it died, i'll be sad because i don't know if tigger is still popular enough for me to replace it. without going to the disney store and paying out my ass for it. time for a google search.

i can't decide on music or firefly in the background. or maybe farscape. i'm this close to being able to burn season two. very close.
blue beads

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i got my second jewelry order today. the beads i ordered ended up being plastic and one bracelet was too frail to be a charm bracelet. it is now on my wrist. i didn't do too badly with this order, considering i've never ordered from them before. the crimp tubes will serve a purpose, though not the one i intended.

i need to look up the bus schedules to go to michaels crafts. i know i take the trop bus, 201, down to pecos, then take the pescos bus to russell. S explained to me why there is no russell bus, but i still think there should be. i could always walk down from trop, i need to see how far that is. trop and russell are close together where i am. i wonder if it's true down trop a ways. i need a damn map. or i could figure it out on google earth, since i just downloaded that to play with.

i took my dose of klonopin and anticipate feeling woozy any time now. it's friday, i can sleep away the afternoon.
i am here

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google maps is cool. i found my nana's place and looked at a local map and decided i could walk from trop to pecos without a problem. just bring icewater.

the "h" in the icon actually hides my building, but it's under there.