July 19th, 2007


yes, i'm bored

i forgot to relate an amusing anecdote that happened the day i went to see Doc Rev (tuesday). on my way back i stopped at one of the many convenience stores and got a soda and two lighters. i didn't have my sunglasses on at the time. the woman asked if i was 18 to buy the lighters. i swear, that is what she asked me. i told her, god bless her for asking, i'm 38 and she said, "yeah, whatever". it felt so good!!

see, people weather around here. too much sun leads to wrinkly, leathery skin. you can tell a woman in her late thirties pretty easily. but since i don't go out in the sun without sunscreen and sunglasses, i don't have that particular problem. my face is wrinkle/laugh line/crows feet free. i don't know why that is, my mom aged fairly normally. i just don't know. but i'm glad for it.