July 13th, 2007

christopher who

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i changed the style of my lj and now i'm having a hell of a time getting used to it. i changed it to "bloggish". now i have three blogs that look very similar. tin of cydniey, cydniey speaks and my lj. whee.

the icon has no meaning other than my wanting to stare at dear old chris while i was typing this.

i told doc my plan of moving the coffee table and spreading my beading stuff out on the living room floor until i could come up with an idea of something to make. he told me it never used to be like that, i would just take out what i needed and go to work. things are different now.

doc left me a full pot of coffee and we all know how happy that makes me. i also have a two liter of coke waiting for me. yummy decadence.

leeloo in her sleeping box under the workroom desk

leeloo sleeping on her favorite thing, a plastic bag. tied up so she can't get into it and laid on the floor, it is a perfect leeloo bed.