July 7th, 2007

girl cats

kitty pictures

i finally got smart and am keeping a camera on the coffee table, i've been able to capture some oft occurring cuteness never before captured. hee.

candy necklaces

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i paid my webhost and ordered some beads from firemountaingems.com 50% off sale. i got a couple of things i've always wanted to try working with but didn't because of the cost. it makes up for missing the $2 sale. which i'm sure they will hold again. even a $3 sale would be cool.

i got some silver glass beads that are twisted and remind me of the chrome shots of shannonkringen. i'm not sure what i will use them for, but they should provide some inspiration once i get my hands on them.

today we are watching Firefly again, at my insistence. doc is asleep on the couch. half a pot of coffee wasn't enough to keep him awake for something he watched a week ago. hee.

he's going up to the store later and i'm planning on begging him to let me go with him. i know it's hot and i'll get all red and sweaty, but i don't care. i want to go for a walk. i want to be in the air. the field trip to the casino the other day was fun, but i want fresh air, dusty as it may be.
hot cheese

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i found screencaps of the entire firefly series, plus serenity. oooh happy icon making joy! i'm still not fanciful at it, but i am able to capture my favorite lines. i see much rewatching of this series.

now off to find farscape screencaps and hope i am as lucky as i was with firefly.