June 29th, 2007

all me

oh my how i ramble

yesterday i moved doc's stuff out of my bathroom and into his. last night before bed he went into my bathroom to brush his teeth and then wandered muttering into his bathroom, where his toothbrush was. this morning his razor was on my sink. hee.

he left me a pot of coffee again this morning, which i wasted no time in consuming.

i found this song in my music folder. i'm pretty sure it really is social distortion. it's not the greatest copy, it has many digital glitches, but to listen to mike ness sing, i'll put up with a lot. i love social distortion. the next CD mix i make will be all social distortion. happy music.

i can't decide whether to watch farscape or firefly today. we have Syriana from netflix, but i'm saving that for tomorrow. M also left a couple of DVDs here for us. he's kind of like a library, whenever he comes over, he brings us a couple of movies and takes back the ones he left before. once he left the indiana jones trilogy here for a month. we didn't watch the second one at all, but we watched the hell out of the first and third.

turns out that our friend, B, won't be staying here for a couple of weeks, as we had planned. plans here change a lot, it seems. here in las vegas, i mean. i'm kind of bummed, but on the good side, it means he's not leaving town as he had planned. we haven't hung out in too long. once he gets settled in his new place we'll make a movie plan. B also brings over movies to watch (and i thought it would be hard to be DVD deprived!), usually really new ones.

oh yeah and i also have Premonition to watch this weekend that Q left over here. my god, we're a clearing house for DVDs! i never thought about it before. that's pretty funny. we own less than 10 store bought DVDs, but we never lack for movies to watch and it's because of our friends. that's pretty damn cool.

we're pretty lucky to have the friends we do. and not just for the DVDs, i'm not that shallow. they are diverse and fill our lives with different views on life and the world. we are all politically and culturally mixed up and it leads to interesting and enlightening conversations. i especially like watching the news with Q and hearing what he gets from it.

doc has a new friend that was over the other day watching Firefly with us. he's a fan of all the sci fi stuff that i am, and i mean a fan. he told me all manner of neat stuff about Firefly. and we talked about Stargate SG-1 and the upcoming straight to DVD movies they are making. J was really cool to hang out with. doc attracts some really cool people. he's friendly (doc) and a nice guy that just naturally attracts people.

that's what attracted me to him in the first place. i was working in a cafe and there were two hours each day when i was the only person there. it was usually empty and i worked in the kitchen and listened for the door. i was in the middle of quiche prep for the next day when this guy came in and asked me which coffee i recommended. i told him the hazelnut was good and he just started to talk to me, small talk. but it totally disarmed me and before i knew it i was sitting down with him and talking openly. he took me home that night and when he left, he didn't even try to kiss me. this charmed me completely. i was smitten. we made a date to go to the movies . . . then the night of the date i was doubled over with cramps of the female kind and raging at everything and called him to postpone the date. i told him i was in a feminine way and could we wait until i felt better and was better company. he said yes and we hung up. he showed up at my door that night with chocolate, green tea and a video. it was all over from there. he started staying with me and the rest is history.

i'm glad i haven't lost those memories. they make me giddy, 10 years later.
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